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General problems faced by farmers that we believe in solving.

Impediments faced by Farmers

General problems faced by farmers that we believe in solving…

Improper pH value of soil

The acidity or alkalinity in the soil greatly affects the crop/plant health. Farmers face it difficult to get a quick access to the soil type.

Increase in pest infestation and diseases

A large amount of produce goes unutilised or gets destroyed due to the diseases and pests that affect the crops. While pesticide and damage control is done, it is usually late by the time farmers realise.

Apt amount of fertilizers and pesticides

Knowing the right quantity of fertiliser and pesticide to spray for the crop type, amount of land and the growth stage is essential. Sometimes, overspraying or underspraying the chemicals can harm the crops.

Water Monitoring

Watering the crops and plants appropriately is important. It often happens that overwatering can result in root rotting and underwatering can result in water deficiency. While the farmers know the amount of water to be used, other environmental factors also play a role. These factors, if neglected can result in a decrease in the yield.

Focused currently on Agriculture, Seabalt is constantly geared up on innovating new things for a better tomorrow...